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KeyLogic Systems Acquires CrossResolve to Expand Biometric Services

KeyLogic Systems, Inc. Acquires CrossResolve to Expand Biometrics Services

With the acquisition, KeyLogic is poised to bolster and expand range of services for customers

 Morgantown, WV – August 9, 2017 KeyLogic Systems, Inc., a leading professional services and engineering firm, today announced the acquisition of CrossResolve, a government advisory and strategy services organization focused on biometrics, forensics, and identity programs. National security and biometrics are two pillars of KeyLogic’s strategy moving forward to deliver a wider range of services and bring even greater depth of expertise to its client base. 

“It has always been our goal for KeyLogic to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, and that’s why we’ve never had a one-time customer,” said Jon Hammock, CEO, KeyLogic Systems. “The acquisition of CrossResolve and its unique offering of biometrics and identity expertise will further strengthen KeyLogic’s capabilities in those areas. Bringing the talented CrossResolve team into the KeyLogic fold will allow us to serve our clients even better.”

Through the acquisition, KeyLogic plans to build upon CrossResolve’s contracts and relationships supporting the federal government, which includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security among others. The acquisition comes a little more than a year since KeyLogic hired J. Kevin Reid, former FBI executive, to spearhead the company’s focus into biometrics and cybersecurity.   

“My objective since joining KeyLogic last year was to build beyond existing capabilities and deliver even more value to customers,” said Kevin Reid, VP of National Security & Chief Information Officer of KeyLogic. “My experience at the FBI focusing on biometrics, combined with the past performance and expertise from CrossResolve, has me very optimistic for the positive impact to KeyLogic and how we can develop more innovative and cost-effective ways for federal agencies to manage their security risks.”

As part of the acquisition, CrossResolve founder Valerie Evanoff will become a strategic partner to the KeyLogic team where she will serve in an Advisory role to continue her focus on providing biometric subject matter expertise and the strategic guidance that CrossResolve customers have come to expect.

“I am extremely proud of the work we’ve done at CrossResolve. Over the last 6 years, we have supported 14 Federal programs, earned the trust of 11 different State and Federal agencies, and matured relationships across the identity landscape,” said Evanoff. “I’ve known Jon Hammock for over a decade and have been impressed by the rapid growth and of KeyLogic in recent years.  I am confident that CrossResolve and KeyLogic customers alike will benefit greatly from these two companies coming together.” 

Evanoff’s expertise comes from a career in Federal Government and private sector service. She is a recognized leader in the fields of biometrics, forensics, identity management and identity intelligence, having served in support of numerous FBI biometric initiatives across the FBI Science and Technology Branch. Prior to her federal service, Ms. Evanoff was the CEO of Biometric Services International (BSI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Biometric Security Project (NBSP).

For more information on KeyLogic’s biometrics and cybersecurity offerings, as well as the acquisition of CrossResolve, please visit

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