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  • Cost Estimating

    Best Practices in Contract Cost Estimating?

    Sep 03, 2013
    As you are deep in the process of developing a contract cost estimate, you may ask yourself what are the best practices in contract cost estimating. Here are a few of those practices that may help in the creation of your next estimate.
  • Climbing Stack of Paper

    Professional Development: The Importance of a Strong Resume

    Aug 29, 2013
    Throughout our careers we have all likely worked with or known someone who was a great colleague and respected peer and yet looked terrible “on paper”. Conversely, we probably all know someone or have interviewed someone who seems to have expertise in just about everything and yet after you speak with (or if you are less lucky- directly work with) the person you walk away shaking your head since in reality the person has very little actual knowledge or expertise that the resume claims.
  • Seal of Certification

    No Certification Too Small

    Aug 28, 2013
    “It is what it is.” That’s a phrase we’ve all heard. However, when it comes to professional certifications that is simply not true. In the case of professional certifications, “It is what you make of it.”
  • Financial Assessment

    Which financial evaluation technique, NPV or IRR, is better to use when selecting the best project among a number of mutually exclusive projects, and why?

    Aug 27, 2013
    The process for selecting capital projects can require much thought and analysis. Many financial evaluation methods have been employed to determine whether to accept or reject a project. Choosing the correct method for ranking projects can be complicated when a choice must be made between mutually exclusive projects.
  • Furniture Assembly

    How to Write Effective Procedures for Businesses

    Aug 22, 2013
    A procedure is a document that outlines sequential steps that must be followed to complete a specific job or task. If you’ve ever put together a child’s bike, installed computer hardware, or even followed a recipe in the kitchen, you know how important clear instructions are to finishing a task correctly.