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  • Water Drop Ripple

    What is Organizational Change Management?

    Sep 10, 2013
    Organizational Change Management is a set of disciplined processes used to help an organization successfully achieve change in their business processes or culture, which are designed to improve upon efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. These processes are centered on organizational structure, leadership, and staff development with consistent communication on how the coming change will affect the organization as well as the individual.
  • Cup of Coffee

    Practical Assurance Case Design

    Sep 05, 2013
    Assurance cases are a formalized means of presenting the case, or argument, for the truth of a proposition. Derived from legal documentation and safety case heritage, the assurance case is designed to provide a level of confidence in the veracity of the proposition, or claim. In the Assurance Case for IV&V Project Planning and Scoping project the assurance case is used to explore use of assurance cases in a simplified but realistic spacecraft IV&V project.
  • Life saver

    Risk Management Essentials

    Sep 04, 2013
    We have all heard the term “Risk” tossed around. Companies claim to reduce risk all the time, but many are using this as a marketing term and not really adopting comprehensive risk management processes. Good risk management is not an optional activity or a marketing term! Rather, risk management processes and techniques should be applied throughout a project lifecycle as well as to internal company processes and procedures.
  • Cost Estimating

    Best Practices in Contract Cost Estimating?

    Sep 03, 2013
    As you are deep in the process of developing a contract cost estimate, you may ask yourself what are the best practices in contract cost estimating. Here are a few of those practices that may help in the creation of your next estimate.
  • Climbing Stack of Paper

    Professional Development: The Importance of a Strong Resume

    Aug 29, 2013
    Throughout our careers we have all likely worked with or known someone who was a great colleague and respected peer and yet looked terrible “on paper”. Conversely, we probably all know someone or have interviewed someone who seems to have expertise in just about everything and yet after you speak with (or if you are less lucky- directly work with) the person you walk away shaking your head since in reality the person has very little actual knowledge or expertise that the resume claims.