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Multimodal touchless biometrics usage is flourishing in the federal IT market

Mar 02, 2018
With the federal government focusing on modernization, biometric technology will be essential  in making authentication processes more efficient.

According to a recent study, the market for biometric authentication systems is projected to grow at a rate of around 14 percent till 2020. In addition, the same study shared that the biometrics market is expected to reach $21 billion by 2020.

Agencies such as DHS, FBI, and the DOD as a whole are already using biometrics in a variety of ways. They’ve seen results such as being able to protect the identities of individuals, organizations, and other entities in both the physical and digital worlds; provide and manage access; and target adversaries.

Last year, a similar study detailed the emergence of touchless sensing technology as part of the boom of the biometrics market, and we expect this area of biometrics to continue its momentous growth in 2018.

Multimodal touchless biometrics is the usage of multiple biometric indicators by personal identification systems for identifying the individuals. Multimodal authentication provides deeper and more accurate security measures to better protect information, such as a person’s identity, which is pivotal as threats are increasing every single day.

A great example of this is the explosion of iris recognition technology. This technology is expected to increase in valuation in the coming years on a global scale, specifically within military and defense, government, banking and finance, and healthcare. With technology like this working in tandem and growing at an equally rapid rate with fingerprint or facial scanning, both of which are already prominent in many agencies, we can expect an expanded conversation on the biometrics front this year.

With more technology of this nature, though, we’re going to need more people in the federal government equipped with the niche knowledge in how to leverage multimodal biometrics programs effectively.

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Written by:  Jon Hammock

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