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Utilizing government contractors is crucial for federal agencies

Mar 29, 2018

According to Brookings, the best estimate of the number of for-profit contractors in the federal government is 7.5 million, as of 2013. This is about 2.5 million more contractors than during the Eisenhower administration, a recently-popular benchmark for looking at the size of our government workforce.

Comparatively, the federal workforce has stayed at approximately the same size for the past 57 years.

The sheer number of contractors the federal government relies on is massive. Coming from the public sector, this is a community I think the government should look to more.

Even beyond simple workforce needs, fostering public private partnerships can lead to organic innovation that doesn’t always happen when the private and public sectors are siloed and independent. Collaboration between industry and government partners will be key to modernization moving forward.

By better tapping the potential of contractors, the federal government can close the workforce gap and position agencies to successfully deliver on their missions for the American people.

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Written by:  John Marinaro, VP of Federal Civilian Division, KeyLogic Systems