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KeyLogic Honored as Finalist for 2018 Moxie Awards

Jun 27, 2018

KeyLogic received a great honor this month as we were named a finalist for the prestigious 2018 Moxie Awards in the GovCon (201-300 employees) category. The award celebrates the achievements and overall growth of bold businesses, associations, and non-profit organizations in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.

Throughout our history, we’ve proven our bold and innovative tendencies in every
capacity, from our hiring techniques to helping our customers meet mission goals -- all of which have been recognized in being named a finalist for these awards.

We have never had a one-time customer, which serves as a testimony to the depth, quality, and uniqueness of KeyLogic’s service and solutions that have allowed for our significant growth over the past two decades. With our clients’ needs and challenges in mind, KeyLogic Systems integrates an anticipatory service model across the company, with every customer, allowing for a deeper understanding of our clients, their needs, and their mission.

We also earned this recognition for the way KeyLogic employees are constantly challenging the status quo on behalf of our customers. In our work with the IRS to identify fraud schemes, we were able to build the most highly OMB-recommended budget system in the federal government that has resulted in over $15 billion dollars being recovered. Today, our system represents over 90% of federal government employee credit card transactions being processed for fraud and misuse detection.

KeyLogic’s recent growth also prompted this recognition, as the company acquired CrossResolve in 2017 in an effort to offer a wider range of multimodal biometrics and identity management services to clients, as well as a greater depth of knowledge to apply to identity solutions. In addition, KeyLogic has been able to build upon CrossResolve’s contracts and relationships supporting the federal government, which includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security among others.

Winners will be announced at the Moxie Award Reception and Dinner on October 11.

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Written by:  Jon Hammock, President and CEO of KeyLogic