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  • Magnify

    Isn't IV&V/V&V Just Testing?

    Oct 10, 2013
    My earlier blog entry on ”What is the Difference Between SQA and IV&V/V&V?” dealt directly with the primary misconception that Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V or V&V) was nothing more than performing tasks related to Software Quality Assurance. A secondary misconception is that V&V is simply testing of the software system.
  • Cup of Coffee

    Practical Assurance Case Design

    Sep 05, 2013
    Assurance cases are a formalized means of presenting the case, or argument, for the truth of a proposition. Derived from legal documentation and safety case heritage, the assurance case is designed to provide a level of confidence in the veracity of the proposition, or claim. In the Assurance Case for IV&V Project Planning and Scoping project the assurance case is used to explore use of assurance cases in a simplified but realistic spacecraft IV&V project.
  • software quality assurance

    What is the Difference Between SQA and IV&V/V&V?

    Jul 11, 2013
    Over the course of ten plus years working in the field of software IV&V/V&V, there have been too many occasions to count where my and colleague’s work has been incorrectly classified as nothing more than SQA.
  • iv&v

    What is IV&V and V&V?

    Jul 02, 2013
    V&V is defined as Verification and Validation. The “I” part in V&V is for Independent. Regardless of independence, V&V is based in the field of systems engineering and takes a rigorous approach in determining if a product is built correct and the correct product is built.