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  • Confused Business Leader

    Setting Expectations: How a RACI Matrix Can Help Your Program

    Oct 30, 2013
    Documenting the parties who are responsible, accountable, consulted and informed is a standard way of establishing the lines of authority across each task within a program. A recommended way to document this is in a matrix format; the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) calls this either a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) or Responsibility, Accountability, Consulted, Informed Matrix (RACI).
  • Life saver

    Risk Management Essentials

    Sep 04, 2013
    We have all heard the term “Risk” tossed around. Companies claim to reduce risk all the time, but many are using this as a marketing term and not really adopting comprehensive risk management processes. Good risk management is not an optional activity or a marketing term! Rather, risk management processes and techniques should be applied throughout a project lifecycle as well as to internal company processes and procedures.
  • COCOMS Map

    What is an Integrated Priority List?

    Aug 01, 2013
    The acronym IPL – pronounced [ipp’l] – stands for “Integrated Priority List (IPL).” It applies to the list of a Combatant Commander's highest priority requirements, prioritized across Service and functional lines, defining shortfalls in key programs that, in the judgment of the Combatant Commander, adversely affect the capability of the combatant commander's forces to accomplish their assigned mission.
  • Project Success

    Is a Project Charter Important and Do I Even Need One?

    Jul 09, 2013
    Compared to a lot of other documents developed when planning a project, like a Project Management Plan, Cost Benefit Analysis, or Risk Management Plan, the Project Charter seems small. Just based on size, many Project Managers see it as an afterthought and think their time could be better spent on other tasks. But, this little document packs a powerful punch, and is actually the most important of all the documents needed for a project.
  • Enterprise Architecture: What is it and what’s the benefit?

    Jul 03, 2013
    Organizations these days often talk about Enterprise Architecture (EA) and how it plays a key role in their IT Organization. While this is true, it’s not completely accurate. This is where many organizations miss the boat on EA - forgetting that while there is an IT component to EA, it is not strictly an IT responsibility.
  • What is the value of a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification?

    Feb 08, 2013
    I was lucky enough to be part of a group of project managers (a “band of brothers” if you will) who took and passed the PMP exam at roughly the same time. We studied nights and weekends, we thought deeply about project management, we quizzed each other on obscure terms and the exact steps in order for Planning, and we were relieved when the pain was over. A few days after the glow of passing had worn off, I remember someone in the group asking “Do you think the PMP is worth it?”