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A picture is worth a thousand spreadsheets. KeyLogic’s experienced professionals can help you capture and integrate large volumes of disparate data, then turn it into visuals that give you the whole story—or just the part you’ve chosen—in a single glance. We can deliver the unique graphic output that works best for your organization, from charts and maps to scorecards, barometers, and stoplights.

From Data to Decision — Faster

At KeyLogic, we understand that it’s critically important for agencies to get the right information to the right user, and at the right time. That’s why we designed Business Intelligence services expressly to help you maintain control of your mission data. In doing so, you can turn your agency’s 24x7 information flow into a strategic asset that increases your overall mission effectiveness.

Whether you need to integrate disparate metrics into a single view, respond quickly to Congressional and other stakeholders, comply with complex reporting requirements, or make faster, better-informed decisions, our experienced professionals can help you cut through the clutter, find the information you need, and take effective action.

With Business Intelligence services from KeyLogic, you’ll access a customized mix of programmatic and technical capabilities to address information overload. To bring you the decision-based reports, dashboards, and Web portals that help knowledge workers make well-informed decisions, we bring deep expertise in Microsoft SQLServer Reporting Services and other best-in-class tools.

Our reporting, predictive analysis, data mart and warehouse, and data mining services give you the ability to transform raw enterprise data into sound business intelligence — positioning you to achieve significant benefits:

  • Improved Decision-making. By reacting to information in near-real-time, you can make the quick, accurate decisions that increase program agility.
  • Enhanced Financial Management. You gain a more accurate view of your end-to-end financial performance and report more efficiently with tailored services that include forensic analysis. 
  • Efficient Self-Service. Agency leaders can get answers to complex questions without being forced to request changes to reporting mechanisms and wait for implementation. 
  • Process Reengineering. Business intelligence tools can help you diagnose inefficient processes and reduce cycle times and bottlenecks. 
  • Proactive Forecasting. You can better identify enterprise trends and anticipate budget, resource allocation, and other issues before they affect your ability to meet mission objectives.

To learn more about how KeyLogic can help you turn disparate data into actionable business intelligence, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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