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KeyLogic can lead the way in developing environmentally-friendly business practices that address carbon management mandates and regulations while staying focused on your core mission. As you implement these technologies, you can reap the financial benefits of energy-efficiency. From Energy Star to green IT, from Smart Grid to energy auditing, and from carbon sequestration to greenhouse gas emission analysis, we have the expertise you need.

Green Energy

Energy is the driving force that sustains our nation. An abundant supply of clean, affordable energy is vital to the global economy, security and environment.  At KeyLogic, a trusted partner of government agencies focusing on energy and the environment, we stand at the forefront in supporting projects of national and global importance.

KeyLogic’s Energy Practice provides technical and management services to support domestic and international energy research and development. Our extensive expertise in a broad range of energy technology applications enables R&D program managers to make timely, informed investment decisions.

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Our expertise in technology transfer and commercialization contributes to a measurable return on investment. KeyLogic's expertise includes state-of-the art technologies, such as:

  • Fossil Energy: Advanced power generation systems, coal gasification and liquefaction processes, carbon capture, carbon storage, shale gas recovery, deep-water gas and oil recovery, methane hydrates and related environmental issues

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Building efficiency technologies, solid state lighting, advanced manufacturing, electric and hybrid vehicles, battery and energy storage technology, combined heat and power systems, waste-to-energy systems and geothermal technology

  • Electricity transmission and distribution grid modernization with Smart Grid technologies, advanced metering systems, and cyber security protection

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 Our approach to serving our client’s mission addresses the demands of today with focus on tackling the larger, underlying challenges through an integrated, three-part approach:

  • World-class expertise and a commitment to our client’s mission

  • Professional project management that is proven and trusted

  • Business analytics and IT solutions that allow for effective and efficient management and risk reduction

At KeyLogic, our focus and goals have never changed; total mission success for our clients. We bring critical technical, subject-matter and management expertise to bear in a time-tested approach and proven results.  We help speed the commercialization of innovative energy and environment technologies with a focus on advancing our nation’s energy solutions.

To learn more about how KeyLogic can help your organization capitalize on the latest energy and environmental technologies, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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