Program Planning & Strategy

KeyLogic’s Program Planning and Strategy services help your organization set the stage for program advances and mission effectiveness—whether you are implementing information, energy, environmental, or metallurgical technologies or exploring other ways to drive program success.

Reducing Tomorrow’s Program Risk — Today

Assessing the costs to add and maintain program capabilities. . . . Selecting technologies that will integrate with your enterprise architecture. . . . Developing strategies for complying fully and efficiently with technical, regulatory, and security requirements. . . . And making the kind of detailed business case that wins stakeholder approval.

Whatever your program planning and strategy objective is today, KeyLogic can help you set the stage for future program advances that take you to the next level of capability and mission effectiveness.

To provide you with a clearer sense of the costs and benefits of program options, the KeyLogic team brings together program management best practices, industry-specific expertise, process analysis and reengineering experience, and objective advice about the leading technologies. As you prepare to make critical cost, technical, compliance decisions, our PMBOK-based analytical framework can help you move forward with a greater sense of confidence. The overall result is timely analysis to help you manage risk, design the right strategy to integrate new and existing capabilities, and maximize your return on program investments.

Whether you’re implementing information, energy, environmental, or metallurgical technologies, or exploring other ways to drive program success, KeyLogic can support you with comprehensive Program Planning and Strategy services designed to deliver tangible results:

  • Cost Control. With Cost Analysis and Life-Cycle Cost Estimating, you’ll assess upfront and ongoing costs to create the blueprint for a financially sound program before a single dollar is invested.
  • Technical Excellence. With our Enterprise Architecture service, you’ll position to eliminate defects and make robust system implementations from both technical and ROI perspectives.
  • Compliance Support. With Standards Compliance, you’ll know exactly which regulatory and technical standards your new system will need to meet, and how best to comply. 
  • A Compelling Business Case. With Capital Planning and Investment Control, you’ll have the ability to present stakeholders with a persuasive, financially detailed case that wins approval for investment.

To learn more about how KeyLogic can help your organization plan successful and financially sound program enhancements, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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