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KeyLogic knows technology. Whether you represent a federal agency managing R&D or a financial services provider needing to make wiser and greener technology investments, KeyLogic can help you evaluate alternatives, conduct techno-economic and lifecycle analyses, and determine the best fit for your needs. We specialize in technology-oriented planning, implementation, monitoring, and assessment. We can also help you with establishment of independent validation and verification (IV&V), information assurance, and automated processes.

Technology R&D Management

Technology R&D management from KeyLogic can sharpen the focus and accuracy of the analysis and decision-making processes that drive your R&D initiatives, enabling you to make the best decision at each stage of the R&D life cycle to keep your program on the path to success and innovation.

The R&D Technology lifecycle spans a broad range of tasks, and KeyLogic brings the expertise needed at each stage of the lifecyle as demonstrated in the examples below:

KeyLogic impacts in the areas of strategic planning using the Balanced Scorecard framework, acquisition processes for administering federal Funding Opportunity Announcement procurements, organizational change management, and technical outreach and communications have been recognized by the National Energy Technology Laboratory for innovation, quality, and professionalism in supporting the lab’s portfolio of more than 1,200 active projects representing $6.5B in R&D.

For the U.S. Army Benet Laboratories, KeyLogic provides automation technical support, resource management support, program management, and real-time software (electrical) engineering services to support the Benet Laboratories Information Technology Center, and Engineering Teams. These services are provide d to Benet R&D programs, where KeyLogic has supported these laboratory achievements:

  • Integration of new HW/SW and processes
  • Support and fostering design of improved large caliber cannon
  • Improved data acquisition efficiency
  • Development of improved system interfaces for R&D initiatives

At the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), KeyLogic supports R&D efforts in the Technology Innovation Office (TIO) in the identification, evaluation, and selection of emerging and innovative technologies for the warfighter. The DISA TIO drives new innovation into use in an expedited manner to ensure the U.S. warfighter has the best available technology as soon as possible. KeyLogic works with vendors and recipients of the technologies in performing Test & Evaluation, and provides recommendations for potential technological updates needed to ensure the technology is ready for military use.

In support of NASA, KeyLogic provides Software Assurance and Information Assurance on mission critical software and components to determine the risk and reliability of systems that are intended to guide spacecraft, deploy payloads including satellites, and deliver information from innovative research instruments.

Optimizing Your R&D Life Cycle

If your organization plans and implements research programs focused on issues of importance to industry and the broader public, you know it takes the clearest vision to define the research objectives your program will seek to achieve, build a program that aligns with stakeholder needs, and choose the optimal balance of investments to maximize your research effectiveness. By making the best decision at each stage of the R&D life cycle, you can align your program on a path to achieving far-reaching goals and ultimately delivering innovations that shape the future.

At KeyLogic, we recognize the challenges inherent in designing and managing programs with uncertain outcomes, whether the specific research domain relates to environment, energy, metallurgy, or another specialized area. Whether your mission is basic research or applied development leading to fieldable demonstrations, we can help you reduce risk and get the most out of your R&D investment. We designed our R&D Technology Management solution expressly to build increased clarity and accuracy into the analysis and decision-making processes that drive your R&D initiatives.

KeyLogic’s team of in-house experts and university researcher partners stands ready to help you efficiently complete the technical and market assessments that identify research needs and develop Requests for Proposal to engage national and international research partners. We can also help you evaluate those vendors from both technical and managerial perspectives, validating their ability to provide the required capabilities, their potential for success, and best value contribution to your program.

During project execution, we can support you with monitoring and oversight aligned with government and industry best practices to avoid obstacles and efficiently allocate resources. And if you’re executing multiple programs simultaneously, we can help you manage them as a fully integrated and prioritized portfolio of initiatives.

What can R&D Technology Management from KeyLogic help your organization achieve? The benefits of our solution include:

  • Reduced Risk. By better analyzing vendor capabilities and the robustness of technical solutions, you’ll know the likelihood of program success and understand how to avoid subpar outcomes.
  • Efficient, Automated Processes. With customized decision-support tools that automate vendor comparison and other tasks, you’ll move beyond paper-based processes and streamline proposal evaluations and merit reviews as well as program execution.
  • On-Demand Expertise. Call on us for domain and technology expertise in the highly specific areas that matter to your organization, whether it’s through our in-house thought leaders or our network of subject matter experts from industry and academia.
  • Messages That Get Results. With KeyLogic’s tailored resources, you’ll communicate more effectively about the importance of your research to win stakeholder support, from headquarters to Congress and beyond.

To learn more about how R&D Technology Management from KeyLogic can help your organization maximize the mission results and return on investment from your research programs, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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