Solutions: Support for Critical Performance Challenges

KeyLogic is in the “solutions” business—specializing in helping organizations reach their highly specific business goals. Whether your agency is looking to accelerate its research and development, shrink its carbon footprint, streamline data reporting, manage programs more effectively, or comply with stringent federal mandates, KeyLogic can support you through your most critical performance challenges.

Energy & Environmental Technology Management

KeyLogic can lead the way in developing environmentally-friendly business practices that address carbon management mandates and regulations while staying focused on your core mission. As you implement these technologies, you can reap the financial benefits of energy-efficiency. From Energy Star to green IT, from Smart Grid to energy auditing, and from carbon sequestration to greenhouse gas emission analysis, we have the expertise you need.

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Budget CapabiltiesBudget Solutions

The current process for federal budget formulation is not working. It is labor-intensive and wrought with mistakes, causing sleepless nights for budget directors. KeyLogic has the answer, with powerful capabilities to bring together program budgets, financial statistics and strategy-based metrics in real-time. Thanks to more than two decades of expertise, there is no challenge that KeyLogic can’t help overcome.

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KeyLogic CyberCyber

Today's cyber threat landscape is continuously evolving. KeyLogic understands your business strategy and goals to secure your organization today while anticipating risks and working to protect you against tomorrow's most complex challenges. Our powerful capabilities and constant innovation provide you with the confidence that your information is protected and the agility to drive your mission success.

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Keylogic CloudCloud

Keep your competitive edge and let KeyLogic handle the complexities of the Cloud for you.  As a trusted partner, our Cloud leads will lean in and become a part of your organization's IT environment. We work to solve your most pressing and immediate challenges while focusing on building the right foundation for your IT future.

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KeyLogic BiometricsBiometrics

The global biometrics market is expected to grow at a rapid pace and the major driver is the government sector and its initiatives: increasing volume of identity thefts, rising need for border security, and broader adoption of cloud-based biometrics. With new emphasis on its importance and significant amounts of defense budgets allocated to biometrics solutions, KeyLogic has the experience and solutions to help your organization maximize mission results.

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