At KeyLogic, we recognize the challenges of maintaining systems security while adapting to the ever-changing and constantly evolving world of increased connectivity. Today's cyber crimes are backed by organized and sophisticated criminal networks. These constant, expanding threats make securing your organization and minimizing risk an immediate priority.

Tailored Cyber Solutions to Optimize Your Security

KeyLogic Cyber KeyLogic offers a customized security strategy that is sensitive to  your organization's needs and mission while enhancing your  cybersecurity posture. Our experts employ advanced tools and  methodologies to mitigate risks and prevent the loss of proprietary  and financial data. 

 KeyLogic stands ready to help you protect your organization from  internal and external threats. Through constant innovation and advanced technology, we're driven to defend your organization and secure what matters most.

Our established Cyber capabilities include:

  • Computer Network Defense
    • Application and Network Monitoring
    • Vulnerability Identification and Remediation 
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M)
    • Reporting (Portals/Dashboards)

  • Computer Network Exploitation

  • Data Services and Visualization
    • Data Warehousing/Data Mining
    • Online Analytical Processing
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Information Visualization
    • Reporting (Portals/Dashboards)

  • Decision Services
    • Business Process Management
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Financial Analytics

  • Digital Services
    • Fraud and Abuse Prevention
    • Lead/Case Management
    • Identity Attribution

  • Credit Card Fraud Detection

  • Performance Management

  • Financial Reporting

To learn more about how KeyLogic can help your organization solve your most challenging cyber problems, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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