System Development Lifecycle

Planning and executing high-stakes technology implementations in-house is risky, and can detract you from your agency’s core mission. Let KeyLogic find the right people and the best system for your SDLC tasks—whether you need to select a vendor, capture requirements, design an architecture, execute development, perform testing, or troubleshoot and maintain your system.

The Right People. The Best System.

Enabling technology can transform your efficiency, productivity, and mission effectiveness while freeing up financial resources. But few organizations can maintain their intense commitment to the core mission while also planning and executing high-stakes technology implementations. And finding the right technical staff can be especially challenging. While specialized skills are required at every stage of the system development life cycle (SDLC), it also takes project-management focus to ensure a strong return on investment through alignment with CMMI and other standards.

At KeyLogic, we know that motivated professionals with advanced technical skills can make the difference between a successful development effort and one that drains resources. To help your agency keep systems projects squarely on track, from requirements gathering through deployment and beyond, our PMP-certified project managers apply proven methods that increase your visibility into task and activity progress. To provide for technical excellence and low risk, we use well-established software design patterns such as model view controller and adhere to standards like CMMI Level 3 and IEEE. And we draw on alliance partnerships with Microsoft and other software leaders to bring you the latest technologies and best practices.

Whether you need to select a vendor, capture requirements, design an architecture, execute development, test, and deployment activities, or troubleshoot and maintain your system, we can help you access the right resource for any SDLC task. Have highly specific technical requirements? Look to us for competencies and experience in Oracle, J2EE, Rational, IBM Lotus, Microsoft SharePoint, ASP.NET, .NET, Java, Perl, and many other areas.

The benefits of KeyLogic’s SDLC services include:

  • Reduced Risk. To minimize rework and provide for the highest quality, we use application life-cycle tools to capture your business and functional requirements, and we continuously align our activities to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Efficiency. Through our adherence to CMMI Level 3 guidelines and use of standardized, repeatable processes for development, testing, and other tasks, you’ll benefit from full-SDLC efficiency without sacrificing technical quality. 
  • Lower Overall Cost. Less rework means cost avoidance that can translate into a more substantial return on investment for your program.

To learn more about how KeyLogic can help you access skilled professionals for SDLC tasks, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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