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KeyLogic is a solutions provider. Tell us about your organization’s information technology or business services challenge, and we can put together a team to provide the expertise and solutions you need. To complement our services strategy, we work with leading large and small businesses and employ the latest technologies and methods. Our services are available through a wide variety of contract vehicles and NAIC codes.

Contract Vehicles

KeyLogic can be easily accessed through a number of federal contract vehicles. In addition to our prime contracts, KeyLogic is a subcontractor on several federal contract vehicles. Through our omnibus contracts, agency blanket purchase agreements, and federal-wide General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules, KeyLogic has a contract vehicle to meet your organization’s needs.

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NAIC Codes

KeyLogic offers services operating under more than a dozen North American Industrial Classification (NAIC) codes—from satellite telecommunications, to environmental consulting, to professional and management development training.

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Industry Partners

KeyLogic partners with strong, experiences businesses of all sizes to complement our capabilities and provide the solution the client organization needs. To identify industry partners quickly as new opportunities arise, we maintain a database of information on current and potential teaming partners.

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“Your willingness to tailor KeyLogic invoices to make COTR review easier is a great example of KeyLogic's responsiveness and focus on the client. Believe me when I say that not all vendors are willing to do this! I really appreciate it.”


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