Department of Energy Mission Execution and Strategic Analysis #DE-FE-0025912

The Mission Execution and Strategic Analysis (MESA) contract requires KeyLogic's to support effective and efficient execution of programs and projects and management and execution of analyses to include an interdisciplinary personnel mix having technical expertise in scientific, engineering, economic, business, and policy disciplines needed for in-depth understanding and analysis of the energy-economic system of the United States, Conventional and advanced energy technologies, and energy-related regulatory, legislative, and policy issues.

Additional Details

KeyLogic provides technical and associated administrative support services for program and project planning, execution, monitoring and assessment; and high quality, credible analyses of the entire economic value chain of energy, from resource assessment, extraction, and transport, to conversion, distribution, and end-use. 

Contract Type:
Broad Agency Agreement

Customer Access:
DOE and other agencies

Ordering Process:
Per task order basis

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Program Manager
Carey Butler

Business Manager
Stephen Paczek

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