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In just three days, KeyLogic developed a credible project plan to reverse a stop-work order on a Department of Labor initiative that was experiencing difficulties—saving 60 jobs.

Building a Plan for Success

The Client: The largest procurement run out of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

The Challenge: To develop a credible project plan for a DOL initiative that had been experiencing difficulties and given a stop-work order. Sixty jobs were on the line.

The Solution: With one business day’s notice, KeyLogic assembled a tiger team and met at the client location, where our Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and Earned Value Professionals (EVPs) spent three days facilitating development of a project plan and work breakdown structure (WBS) and mediating between offices and major information technology firms that were contractors on the project.

The Result: The project plan was approved and the initiative was reactivated by the government within days of KeyLogic’s arrival. In just three days, we facilitated the following:

  • Accurate Analysis. KeyLogic consultants determined the project’s true Earned Value Cost and Schedule variances, which were not nearly as dismal as the agency’s own calculations that had contributed to the government’s stop-work order.
  • Improved Productivity. Success depends on good planning. KeyLogic led the involved parties in developing a project management plan to turn the project around and reverse the stop-work order.
  • Improved Communications. The involved parties had come to an impasse and looked to KeyLogic consultants to get the conversation started again in a productive manner.

KeyLogic, which had been brought onsite on a temporary basis on a government credit card, was added to the initiative as a subcontractor to ensure the project stayed the course with consistent performance management. At the conclusion of the project, KeyLogic performed portability analysis to determine what aspects of the projects could be reused elsewhere in the agency’s portfolio—conserving the DOL’s efforts.

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“...the OMB meeting went very well. A lot of tough questions but we were prepared. [the customer] went on to state that the level of detail was excellent, right on. …we actually were prepared to drill down a couple more levels but only if asked a direct question.”

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