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KeyLogic helped DOL become more in sync existing and emerging government mandates. This reduces any risk that OMB might issue stop orders or halt projects for noncompliance.

KeyLogic Helps DOL Meet Capital Planning Mandates

The Client: The Department of Labor’s (DOL) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) supports project managers (PMs) who oversee the agency’s information technology (IT) investments through DOL’s Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) processes. Examples of DOL’s IT investments include a new financial system, a web-based interface that allows the public to file required labor forms, and the department’s online human resources platform.

Examples of DOL’s IT investments include mission-related systems that provide information on labor market activity and price changes in the economy, health and retirement benefits for American workers, grants management, and worker safety; as well as internal systems to support DOL’s budget and human resources activities.

The Challenge: KeyLogic is the prime contractor for DOL’s CPIC and for its related Earned Value Management (EVM) processes. DOL needed KeyLogic’s help to ensure that its IT investments meet Office of Management and Budget (OMB) cost, schedule, and performance goals as well as the Department’s internal System Development Life Cycle Management (SDLCM) requirements. It also needs ongoing assistance to meet new and evolving requirements from OMB, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and Congress related to such issues as IT investment baseline management and Federal IT investment management reform.

The Solution: KeyLogic created and now oversees a more structured and objective quarterly control review process. KeyLogic reviews all IT investment SDLCM documentation and project plans, then evaluates them using a ~100 question scoring tool. Results are communicated back to PMs and senior DOL managers via a standardized scorecard. KeyLogic also implemented a new EVM system (EVMS), enabling the OCIO to accurately track cost, schedule, and performance of DOL’s major IT investments. Finally, KeyLogic developed guidance, templates, and training courses on required SDLCM documents, EVM, and Exhibit 300 business cases, which OMB uses to learn about, evaluate, and approve investments.

The Result: The DOL is now better in sync with existing and emerging government mandates. This reduces any risk that OMB might issue stop orders or halt projects for noncompliance. Other results include:

  • Improved Relationships. Because of improved communications, relationships between the OCIO’s Capital Planning program office and DOL’s investment teams have become considerably more collegial and supportive. As a result, work is performed more efficiently and effectively.
  • Improved Efficiency. The new procedures, guidance documents, and templates KeyLogic developed for DOL’s IT investment teams help PMs to better plan activities, manage the investment, and report on investment status. This improved reporting and analysis allows DOL to prevent and fix problems earlier in the IT investment life cycle.
  • Improved Performance. KeyLogic helped DOL achieve “green” ratings for most of its IT investments on the federal IT Dashboard, indicating that they are performing well. DOL’s overall rating on the IT dashboard is among the best in the federal government.

To learn more about how CPIC and EVM solutions from KeyLogic can help your agency better manage its IT portfolio, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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“The KeyLogic contractors at DOL have done an outstanding job. When taking into consideration all of their great ideas, their skill and creativity in implementing those ideas, and their enthusiasm, hard work and dedication in meeting the ongoing demands of the program, it is clear that this is surely one of the most effective teams in the Federal Government capital planning arena.”

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