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KeyLogic has supported HUD with Earned Value Management expertise, allowing them to meet the EVM requirements set forth by OMB. Read the details below to learn more about our EVM experience.

KeyLogic Helps HUD Deliver on EVM Compliance

The Client: The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) advises HUD’s senior managers on IT initiatives that support core business processes. HUD’s portfolio includes 35 IT investments, such as mortgage loan processing, housing demographics analysis, security, and financial systems.

The Challenge: The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandated that the OCIO file regular IT initiative progress reports using the earned value management (EVM) method. KeyLogic was brought in to put EVM tracking in place for the client. The goal was to improve project management and performance across HUD’s IT portfolio. Prior to KeyLogic’s arrival, the OCIO could not report accurate EVM data to OMB.

The Solution: KeyLogic created an EVM system that breaks down progress data so it can be analyzed and reported monthly. To do this, KeyLogic built EVM system templates standardized in Microsoft Project. They also adapted wInsight, an EVM analysis tool, to interface with Microsoft Project and feed data into the project plans. KeyLogic staff also accessed previous HUD project submissions to OMB, and used that data to create standardized project plans, also in Microsoft Project, for all HUD IT initiatives. That effort established a baseline for ongoing EVM reporting.

The Result: With KeyLogic’s help, HUD’s OCIO met OMB’s EVM requirements. That all but eliminates the risk that OMB might place stop orders on HUD IT investments or halt projects all together. Other results include:

  • Improved Communication. The system improved dialogue between project managers (PMs) and the OCIO. In the process, PMs were better educated on the steps they need take in order to ensure EVM compliance.
  • Improved Project Tracking. Individual project managers now have better access to their own internal project data. As a result, they are better able to manage and track their own work.
  • More Detailed Reporting. KeyLogic’s work allowed PMs to drill down into their data and deliver more detailed project plans to their superiors. This had the additional benefit of helping PMs gain better insights into the performance of the commercial vendors that deliver on their IT initiatives.

To learn more about how EVM portfolio management solutions from KeyLogic can help your agency succeed, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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