Electronic Incident Reporting

KeyLogic personnel helped increase patient safety and improved decision-making with the development of the Electronic Incident Reporting system.

KeyLogic’s EIR May Become Patient Safety Standard

The Client: The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Capitol Healthcare Network is part of the Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN). The Capitol Healthcare Network is one of 22 VISN networks, and is known colloquially as “VISN 5.” It comprises three medical centers and two hospitals that provide care to military veterans in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and West Virginia and parts of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The Challenge: VISN 5 had a paper-based form for reporting adverse patient safety incidents. If a patient fell or an incident occurred, a hard-copy initial report would be filed. That would eventually be forwarded to a clinician who would examine the patient and produce another write-up, stapled to the first. The documents would then be forwarded to a patient safety manager, who would examine the case, write a final assessment, and close it out. For legal reasons, those reports had to be kept separate from the patient’s medical records. It was a cumbersome and untimely process. The need for an Electronic Incident Reporting (EIR) system was obvious to VISN 5 leadership. Patient safety was at stake.

The Solution: Before KeyLogic went to work, the three largest facilities in VISN 5 each had its own query forms and capture mechanisms, complicating patient safety reporting. VISN 5 leadership opted not to wait for the VA to install a uniform, system wide EIR. Instead, it brought KeyLogic in to build one. KeyLogic created a web-based application in ASP.NET, with centralized Microsoft SQL Server storage. The EIR allows VISN 5 to dynamically capture answers based on unified patient safety queries and route them to managers electronically. KeyLogic also deployed SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports, so the VISN can report results to the national VA, and so its various facilities can keep track of their incidents.

The Result: The EIR application is such a success that it has been submitted for Class I consideration. That means it could become the VA’s standard patient safety reporting application. Among other results:

  • Improved Patient Safety. The EIR provides a uniform, one-stop-shop approach to reporting adverse events. The VISN 5 Patient Safety Officer now reviews all incidents entered into the system to track and trend data. This results in an overall improvement in patient safety across the Network.
  • Improved Efficiency. Because the system is online, safety managers have a more real-time view of what is happening on their wards. Waiting 12 days for paper reports to arrive is now a thing of the past.
  • Improved Decision-making. In one case, patients suddenly started falling in a patient ward—and the falls always occurred on Wednesday nights. Because incident reports were filed online, patient safety managers were able to determine that a janitor had switched cleaning fluids. The new solvent made floors slippery. Managers ordered the original cleaning fluid to be used instead, and the falls ended.

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