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Energy consumption and conservation are critical to the global economy, security, and environment. KeyLogic works with government agencies on projects of national and global importance. We help the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency achieve their goals—saving time and money, increasing efficiency and productivity, and improving decision-making.



KeyLogic understands the important mission that the Department of Energy (DOE) serves for our nation, its citizens, and future generations. We provide project management support for DOE in its mission to is to ensure America's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions..

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The EPA was developed four decades ago in response to the growing public demand for cleaner water, air, and land. Today, with environmental concerns as important as ever, KeyLogic provides Business Intelligence solutions for the EPA. Our systems are commended by the EPA and are among Microsoft’s centerpieces in their Business Intelligence portfolio.

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“The support that EPA received on these projects, both from a technical and personal standpoint was beyond what we ever expected from a contractor with such a task.”

Program Manager, EPA

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Learn more about the advances and expertise our KeyLogic team brings to the energy field.

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