Carbon Capture and Storage

Fossil fuels are projected to be the primary energy source for the United States and most developed and developing countries, and fossil fuel consumption is expected to steadily increase as these economies expand.  However, evidence suggests that the observed rise in atmospheric CO2 is the result of the expanded use of fossil fuels and many consider this increase to be a contributing factor to global climate change.  KeyLogic provides specialized scientific and engineering expertise to support technology research and development for the capture, separation and geologic storage (CCS) of CO2 as a possible management option to enable the continued use of fossil fuels to support our economic and national security.

Advancing Carbon Capture and Storage with DOE NETL

KeyLogic supports the DOE NETL CCS R&D Program and component technology programs with technical expertise and management services:

  • Advanced Energy Systems; gasification systems, advanced turbines, advanced combustion systems
  • Carbon Capture Technologies; pre-combustion and post-combustion carbon capture
  • Carbon Storage; carbon use/reuse and storage in geologic repositories including Monitoring, Verification and Accounting
  • Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships

Coal Fired Power Plant

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National Carbon Sequestration Database and Geographic Information System (NATCARB)

Carbon Capture and Storage Technical Papers

National Energy Technology Laboratory

To learn more about how KeyLogic can support your carbon capture and storage project needs, call us at 888.204.9646.

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