Operations and Maintenance Management

We specialize in solving O&M performance issues, whether it involves production, quality, or safety. Studies show a significant number of quality and safety issues stem from an imbalance in resource allocations. The tendency is to place management attention on production, which is the most visible element of performance. This results in quality and safety programs competing for “left-over” resources. The solution is to integrate all three. 

Powering Energy Operations and Maintenance with DOE NETL

Man in Protective Hazmat SuitKeyLogic understands the challenge to balance resources and our O&M specialists are experienced in developing integrated production – quality – safety management programs.  Whether your operation is a small shale gas project or a large hazardous waste processing facility KeyLogic can help to solve performance issues and improve performance. 

In addition to integrated performance our specialists support a long list of energy O&M management needs.

Following is a select list:

  • Conduct or formality of operations
  • Conduct of maintenance – preventive maintenance, reliability-centered maintenance
  • Operating and maintenance procedures
  • Training
  • Systems engineering
  • Configuration management
  • Safety documentation
  • Technical safety requirements
  • Quality assurance, including NQA-1
  • Independent performance assessments
  • Issues management
  • Project management
  • Accident investigation
  • Root cause analysis

To learn more about how KeyLogic can help take your O&M performance to the next level, call us at 888.204.9646.

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"As a site support contractor in a start-up phase, KeyLogic is more on top of the transition than I have ever seen any contractor before."

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