CFO Budget Formulation & Execution

KeyLogic implemented a phased solution that brought together the right people, processes, and technology to consistently improve EPA’s budget compliance activities.

Helping the EPA Give Budget Efficiency the Green Light

The Client: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) manages the agency’s annual budget process and oversees financial operations, among other efforts that enable the EPA’s core mission of protecting health and the environment.

The Challenge: To modernize disparate, paper-based processes that created business inefficiencies, presented challenges in complying with the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), and ultimately hindered the agency’s ability to win funding for mission objectives.

The Solution: KeyLogic implemented a phased solution that brought together the right people, processes, and technology to consistently improve the OCFO’s budget compliance capabilities. In close collaboration with EPA stakeholders, our experienced professionals integrated budget, financial, and performance planning systems to create a single, unified resource for budget information.

The Result: With an increasingly automated, streamlined budget process, EPA staff members are focusing less on data collection logistics and more on budget justification that can lead to increased funding. In addition, the OCFO has been recognized within the Federal Government as a leader in financial management and budget & performance integration. Other results include:

  • Cost and Time Savings. The EPA OCFO now operates with greater cost-effectiveness and saves thousands of person-hours annually through improved budget data collection and reporting, including the ability to produce high-quality, reader-friendly budget deliverables more quickly than before.
  • Improved Productivity. More than 20 supplemental applications help EPA staff work more productively, including a tool that allows convenient tracking and management of responses to Congressional requests for information. KeyLogic professionals built these tools using existing EPA technology to cut costs and provide for fast user adoption.
  • Far-Reaching Efficiency. Efficiency improvements now extend across multiple budget processes — from strategic plan development to performance and accountability reporting, from data modeling to reprogramming, and from data collection to document production.

In recognition of the success of this collaboration, the EPA OCFO has awarded three follow-on contracts to the KeyLogic team. KeyLogic was also instrumental in helping the EPA OCFO receive a Presidential Quality Award for Improved Financial Performance.

To learn more about how budget solutions from KeyLogic can help your agency simplify and accelerate the annual budget process, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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“It is my pleasure to commend you and your team for the exceptional performance on the EPA Budget Automation System (BAS). As you know, EPA was recently awarded a Presidential Award for Management Excellence. As you know, these awards are the highest recognition to Federal Agencies for best management practices in government. EPA’s was one of only two Agencies to receive an award this year, and was one of only seven finalists to be considered last year. The award was given to EPA’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer in recognition of “exemplary performance and results in the area of Improved Financial Performance”

“In closing, I again offer my congratulations on helping EPA achieve such an honorable distinction. The KeyLogic/EPA relationship has been mutually beneficial to both parties for several years”


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