Data Warehousing Support at EPA

KeyLogic helped develop a business reporting environment with dozens of ways for the EPA Office of the Chief Information Officer to filter information and generate reports—quickly and accurately.

KeyLogic Brings IT Consulting and Database Architecture Experience

The Client: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) manages the agency’s annual budget process and oversees financial operations. Its work enables the EPA’s core mission of protecting health and the environment.

The Challenge: The OCFO’s Office of Technology Solutions (OTS) had several database systems feeding multiple data repositories used for enterprise reporting. Ensuring quick, accurate data retrieval and comparison of important budget and financial data across the agency was challenging.

The Solution: Partnering with a large IT provider, KeyLogic was part of OCFO’s application integration team. It served two roles – consultant and database architect. As a consultant, KeyLogic evaluated OCFO IT projects, conducted research to gather important information about the as-is state, and recommended to-be solutions conforming to industry-recognized best practices. As a database architect, KeyLogic designed and built a multi-dimensional central data repository for budget and financial information. The OFCO now has a better structured data source, and its reporting tools more efficiently capture agency budget and spending over a wide spectrum of categories.

The Results: Agency budget and financial data now partly resides in specific “datamarts” designed by KeyLogic. The business reporting environment now supports a myriad of ways the OCFO can retrieve information and generate reports—quickly and accurately. OFCO saw the following benefits:

  • Focused budget and financial data marts: The new data structures provide quick access to information using the Agency’s sophisticated reporting tools.
  • Strategic planning: OCFO received documents focused on further developing of a new business reporting system environment. 
  • Best practice consultation: KeyLogic provided best IT practices for data warehouse architecture from leading industry sources.

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