Superfund Enforcement Reporting

To help the EPA provide fast-turnaround reports about its performance related to cleanup of Superfund sites, KeyLogic developed a service that provides customized research for questions from EPA staff, Congress, and federal agencies.

Standard and Customized Reports Help EPA Site Remediation Enforcement Officials

The Client: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Site Remediation Enforcement (OSRE) is responsible for pursuing the parties responsible for a hazardous waste site. EPA uses the various instruments available under the CERCLA statute to leverage cleanup commitments or recover EPA costs for cleanup. They track information from the search for responsible parties, through the negotiation and settlement process, to responsible party compliance with government orders and consent decrees.

The Challenge: OSRE tracks a significant amount of data, with complex interrelationships, related to the site remediation enforcement process. The challenge is to maintain OSRE’s standard reporting tools while incorporating the flexibility to evolve with EPA’s goals and initiatives. OSRE also desired to transform their raw data into a graphical analysis of Superfund Enforcement trends and successes for use by senior management.

The Solution: KeyLogic maintains OSRE’s CERCLIS (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System) Enforcement report library comprised of 15 reports that satisfy OSRE’s basic planning and accomplishment reporting requirements. These reports are fundamental to program planning and accomplishment tracking. As the Enforcement Program has evolved, KeyLogic has expanded and modified the reports to capture new program priorities and required data elements. To enhance OSRE’s reporting technology and capabilities, KeyLogic expanded OSRE’s module from two charts to over 50 Superfund Enforcement charts in the web-based Superfund eFacts Reporting system. 

The Results: KeyLogic’s solution also allowed the EPA to:

  • Better measure effectiveness: Senior EPA staff can quickly see Superfund Enforcement trends and measure progress and program effectiveness. It allows Program Managers and chiefs to assess the current status of enforcement activity and financial information on a daily basis.
  • Save time: eFacts performs the data analysis instantaneously. Instead of running several reports and converting the data from a spreadsheet to a graph or other format, eFacts will do the same work in a few clicks. The charts and reports allow users to quickly find answers to the most commonly asked questions. 
  • Improved decision making: Allowing managers to see ‘the big picture’ and supporting layers of data leads to better business decisions in focusing EPA resources.

To learn more about how data management solutions from KeyLogic can help your agency make powerful use of information, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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