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KeyLogic helped improve the data extraction process for EPA’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water to assist decision makers in better gauging the effectiveness and compliance of the nation’s water systems.

EPA Doesn’t Drown in Water System Data: New Structure Improves Drinking Water Monitoring

The Client: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (OGWDW) manages the agency’s Safe Drinking Water Information System-Federal (SDWIS-FED) through its Public Water Supply Division (PWSD). The national database contains public water supply violations, responses to those citations, and enforcement actions. The database includes data from more than 155,000 public water systems.

The Challenge: To modernize and modify the OGWDW’s existing SDWIS-FED reporting system, SDWIS Reporting Services (SDWIS RS). The key was to make it more robust and easy to use. This change would allow decision makers and program analysts to more rapidly evaluate program effectiveness. It would also facilitate development of new regulations relating to the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act.

The Solution: KeyLogic took over operations and maintenance support for SDWIS RS. Then, KeyLogic staff revised report logic while modifying and building new user interfaces. KeyLogic also developed templates for six new reports for the OGWDW. The company improved the OGWDW’s six existing reports by adding the ability to query on a richer number of parameters ranging from contaminants to systems in significant non-compliance with regulations.

The Result: EPA officials can now better determine which systems are complying with regulations. And they can more quickly uncover which are failing to provide clean water to their users. Access to commonly requested data points is available in pre-defined templates. Other results include:

  • Optimizing run-times: By fine-tuning report queries, KeyLogic reduced report run times. This increased EPA staff productivity and improved oversight of water systems in the country.
  • Improved searches: Users have enhanced ability to retrieve data based on location (region, state or individual water system. They can also filter for number of violations, compliance and non-compliance with citations, dates and dozens of other parameters. 
  • Data Customization: Users have the ability to cull data based on a wide range of selection and filtering criteria through web screens and a GUI menu system. A menu system helps users select from a host of template reports.
  • Flexible Output Formats: The application allows for export in XML, Excel and PDF.
  • Enhanced decision making capability: Through improved data extraction decision makers across EPA can better gauge the status and effectiveness of our nation’s water systems.

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