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KeyLogic transformed the EPA’s Superfund data collection—from a dozen reports manually updated by a full-time staff person each month to 50,000 reports updated each night with one-quarter of the labor hours.

Automating data collection for the EPA Superfund

The Client: The Environmental Protection Agency Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI) manages the cleanup of the nation's hazardous waste sites through the Superfund program. OSRTI oversees management of the long-term Superfund response program including the more than 1000 high-priority sites on the National Priorities List.

The Challenge: Like any agency, the EPA depends on reports to track the status of its programs. Manually generating such reports can be labor-intensive, expensive, and slow. In fact, prior to KeyLogic’s implementation using Microsoft technologies, the EPA Superfund senior management reports required a full-time staff member to keep just 12 reports updated. Due to the high cost of collecting, cleansing, and assimilating information, reports were produced less frequently than needed and information was often outdated before a report was used.

The Solution: KeyLogic integrated several technologies into the eFacts development effort, leveraging Microsoft’s Windows 2000 and BackOffice platforms as the core architecture. KeyLogic also used Microsoft’s SQL Server, OLAP, and other advanced data sorting and dissemination technologies. Total cost of ownership, open architecture, performance, and scalability were all critical factors in the eFacts design.

The Result: Now, instead of updating 12 reports with one full-time staff person, with a report containing an average of 35 key metrics, eFacts currently updates 50,000 reports each night. That equates to approximately 1.5 million reports per month—compared to the previous dozen. All this is done using just 10 staff hours per week.

Additional results have included:

  • Transformation of Data Collection and Usage. A sophisticated data warehouse and top-flight charting application make this knowledge management system a model for federal agencies swamped in data but starved for useful information.
  • Improved Decision-Making. eFacts presents information quickly and in an intuitive format that allows the EPA to confidently make better decisions at a fraction of the cost. Now managers can easily respond to requests from all their customers.
  • Increased Agility. Reports are generated at the “speed of thought” instead of requiring manual generation.

To learn more about how KeyLogic can transform your agency’s data analysis, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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“…KeyLogic designed Superfund eFacts systems allows EPA personnel to manage our superfund data in a way that was previously inconceivable, cutting man-hours, cost and providing detailed overviews of the most updated information possible instantaneously.”

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