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KeyLogic helped the Army win an award for its new digital records management solution.

KeyLogic Data Repository Becomes Army’s Standard 

The Client: The Records Management and Declassification Agency (RMDA) is an agency that reports to the U.S. Army’s Human Resources Command. RMDA is responsible for all of the Army’s interrelated records management programs and its associated automation systems.

The Challenge: RMDA had standing Army policies pertaining to storage, retention, and management of the Army’s paper and electronic records when KeyLogic came aboard. However, not everyone consistently adhered to them. Paper records were too often stored beyond the terms of their proscribed retention resulting in unnecessary storage costs. More importantly, electronic records were being destroyed before their proscribed retention because there was not the means to preserve the records. There existed no consistent centralized data repository.

The Solution: KeyLogic, as a subcontractor, designed, developed and maintained a web-based records repository application for RMDA. It is built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET web framework, the C# programming language, and Microsoft’s SQL 2000 database server. The system stores and tracks electronic Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other files that record official military decisions. It also tracks paper records using bar codes affixed to boxes containing them. As a result, paper documents can be located as easily as electronic files.

The Result: The system earned RMDA an archivist’s award in 2004 from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) identifying the office as a federal leader in records management. As a result of the project’s success, the repository became part of the Army’s policy on maintaining and storing paper and electronic documents. The Army mandates its use across all its agencies. Other benefits include:

Centralized Storage. Because the new system is web-based, all official, non-medical electronic records produced by any Army organization are stored in the KeyLogic-produced repository. These include any decision-making memos and all documents associated with military exercises or engagements.

Improved Records Preservation. After Operation Desert Storm in 1991, many soldiers were affected by “Gulf War Syndrome.” A number of them claimed they had been exposed to chemical weapons. But because soldiers were deployed and redeployed rapidly in the fast-moving conflict, paper documentation was often destroyed on the battlefield because it was too cumbersome to effectively complete the missions. Therefore, the Army could not later validate the soldiers’ illness claims. RDMA’s repository would prevent that situation from recurring.

Improved Accessibility. While paper records are stored in various warehouses, their locations can be pinpointed by anyone using the system, making them readily available when needed. The system is accessible to all authorized U.S. Army personnel, regardless of their geographic location. KeyLogic also used Microsoft BizTalk software when putting the system together. This allows Outlook and Office documents to be written directly into the repository from any location.

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“We are very pleased to recognize the Army Records Management Division at this year's RACO with the Archivist Achievement Award. This year we are only giving three awards, all for outstanding achievement in records management.”


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