Defense Information Systems Agency

DISA, a Combat Support Agency, engineers and provides command and control capabilities and enterprise infrastructure to continuously operate and assure a global net-centric enterprise in direct support to joint warfighters, national level leaders, and other mission and coalition partners across the full spectrum of operations. KeyLogic has been supporting DISA since 2002 with systems engineering, program management and information assurance services.


Business Operation Support Services

BOSS provides DISA’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer with a full spectrum of technical, programmatic and support services that change over time as requirements shift. These advisory services must be separate from the system development contractor in order to provide the government with independent technical and financial expertise.

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Encore II Systems Engineering

ENCORE II supports the DoD's transformation to an environment which seeks to improve situational awareness by enhancing how the military services share information. Under the contract, SAIC with KeyLogic as one of its partners, supports command, control, communications,  intelligence, reconnaissance areas, and more in addition to all elements of the Global Information Grid.

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Global Enterprise Management Support

GEMS was KeyLogic’s first major DISA contract. Under GEMS, KeyLogic provided advice and assistance to DISA Program Managers across a variety of both small and large programs ranging from Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations to major systems like NCES, GCCS-J and NECC.

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NEXGEN Systems Engineering

The NexGen contracts provided a range of IT engineering services, capabilities and products to support DISA worldwide, DoD and other federal agencies. The contracts supported the DISA mission to "plan, engineer, develop, test and manage programs and to acquire, implement, operate, and maintain information systems for C4I and mission support under all conditions of peace and war.”

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“…you both worked tirelessly to get through these recent program plans and budget/contract justification root canals. In the event you didn’t now you do. Your efforts translated into direct and positive impacts for the warfighter.”

DISA Task Monitor

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