Global Enterprise Management Support (GEMS)

GEMS was KeyLogic’s first major DISA contract. Under GEMS, KeyLogic provided advice and assistance to DISA Program Managers across a variety of both small and large programs ranging from Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations to major systems like NCES, GCCS-J and NECC.

Deploying Advanced Technology to the Warfighter

The Client: The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) a Combat Support Agency, engineers and provides command and control capabilities and enterprise infrastructure to continuously operate and assure a global net-centric enterprise in direct support to joint warfighters, National level leaders, and other mission and coalition partners across the full spectrum of operations.

The Challenge: Large information systems projects require good program management in order to deliver high quality products, on time and within budget. These advisory services must be separate from the system development contractor in order to provide the government with independent technical and financial expertise. The GEMS contract was put in place to provide a full set of these services without any Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI).

The Solution: The principal challenge of this project was to maintain the proper balance between scope, cost, time, and quality. Uninterrupted, high quality and overall effective contract management was ensured by our project management approach that uses repeatable project management processes and software tools for project planning, tracking, and cost and schedule control.

The Result: The KeyLogic team provided a dedicated group of highly efficient, resourceful, quick-reaction capable support staff with practical and current experience supporting a variety of programs to assist DISA. We provided a wide range of program management services to the CIO and major programs of a large scale scientific / engineering organization. Support activities include:

  • Performing enterprise wide program analysis and review
  • Conduct management reviews to identify integration issues and problems in requirements definition, architecture, policy and engineering guideline compliance
  • Planning, analyzing, and reporting on programmatic impacts on the costs, return on investment; and schedule dependencies and recommending functional and technical solutions
  • Conducting BPR activities including examining organizational goals, objectives, structures, culture, systems and roles
  • Conducting benchmarking and baselining support activities including program, functional, technical, and data benchmarking; developing new or modifying existing tools and methods; identifying baseline of support for functional area or activity 
  • Preparing documentation and developing control services to ensure all systems conform to approved DoD standards
  • Supporting information dissemination activities
  • Ensuring Clinger-Cohen Act compliance
  • Establishing, monitoring, and reporting program metrics including Internal Management Controls

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“The team provided under this contract vehicle has managed to initiate, oversee, and transition complicated, advanced technology concepts into our DOD warfighter’s hands. Their vision, and, focus, have helped keep the efforts moving forward during times of leadership change within DISA. Their attention to detail has helped keep efforts on track when teaming partners (COCOMS, and other Services or Agencies) had staff turn-over. They have been key players in our Knowledge Management, and Balanced Score Card efforts by keeping our data current and thus our metrics on the positive side.”

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