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Learn how KeyLogic optimized the FBI’s Enterprise Architecture program to improve the agency’s long-term IT strategy and vision.

Helping Design Long-Term IT Strategy and Vision 

The Client: The FBI Enterprise Architecture Program Office (EAPO), which needed support for all areas of enterprise architecture, such as performance, business, data, applications, service and technology architectures.

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 The Challenge: The FBI’s Information Technology  Branch (ITB) is focusing on developing superior  core IT and establishing a reputation for forward-  thinking strategic planning to meet the FBI mission  and business needs.

 To accomplish these goals, KeyLogic is evaluating  the potential for business and capability  improvements,  while working to make the IT  strategy accessible,  focused and actionable. The  strategies KeyLogic is developing look at the impacts of three core areas for solving the challenge: people, process and technology.

The Solution:  The first step for optimizing the FBI’s EA operation is deconstructing strategic goals and objectives into target plans and initiatives, which allow KeyLogic to guide the FBI into a clear understanding of the business outcomes they should pursue. By taking this approach, KeyLogic is able to optimize the FBI’s portfolio of investments by eliminating duplicative capabilities and realizing cost savings or cost avoidance.

KeyLogic develops plans and strategies to modify the IT infrastructure to support short-and long-range goals and plans of the FBI. The short-term goals are supported through the FBI’s annual Strategy Management System (SMS) exercise. For long-term goals, KeyLogic turns vision into action by establishing and implementing repeatable approaches that inform decision-making.

The Result: Through understanding and identifying the FBI’s enterprise and functional technology roadmap for 12-, 24- and 36-month periods, KeyLogic is able to facilitate long-term planning that reduces cost and improves resource allocation while still aligning to ITB strategies. KeyLogic focuses on actionable Enterprise Architecture that actually solves business problems.

Additionally, KeyLogic supports the FBI Lifecycle Management (LCM) gate assessment process and all of its components for governance. 

Furthermore, KeyLogic measures the effectiveness of EAPO by identifying, collecting and reporting information on performance. 

Learn how KeyLogic is optimizing Enterprise Architecture Support Services from KeyLogic can help improve your agency's long-term IT strategy and vision, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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