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Read about how KeyLogic personnel helped DHS Citizenship and Immigration Services meet OMB’s Earned Value Management Goals.

KeyLogic Helps CIS Get Aligned to EVM Goals

The Client: The client on this project was the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) of the Department Homeland Security’s (DHS) Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS). CIS is the government agency that processes immigration forms and oversees lawful immigration into the United States.

The Challenge: The Homeland Security Act of 2002 formed CIS as an entity within DHS, at a time when numerous agencies were being consolidated under the DHS dome. This presented unique IT challenges. DHS had to unify many disparate IT systems from various agencies, and KeyLogic was brought in to help. CIS had a relatively small IT portfolio, but there was no consistency in how projects were managed or measured for performance and earned value. Moreover, some of those investments had high national significance. One, for example, gathers information on everyone who applies for U.S. immigration status. That data must in turn be crosschecked against DHS terrorism watch lists.

The Solution: KeyLogic’s role was to help CIS define its performance evaluation and Earned Value Management (EVM) processes. That involved intensive training of both CIS Project Managers (PMs) and project vendors. Some were taught how to set up project plans. All were trained to set up proper EVM assessments, and to tie those back to their investments. When training was complete, KeyLogic professionals remained in place for months to conduct ongoing EVM process evaluation. They helped PMs align their performance metrics with the CIS chief information officer’s goals and also helped CIS as a whole determine which areas still needed improvement.

The Result: With KeyLogic’s help, CIS has achieved compliance with the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB’s) EVM mandates. This helps the office avoid OMB penalties that could forestall projects or halt them all together. Among other results:

  • Cost Avoidance. Before KeyLogic arrived, CIS had major IT investment cost overruns. With no consistent EVM processes in place, there was little effective oversight of its IT projects. Consequently, there was no way for CIS to learn the extent of its cost and schedule variances. Cost overruns have now been greatly reduced.
  • Improved Relationships. In many agencies, the OCIO is seen as a project’s chief enemy because PMs feel harassed and criticized for under-performance. KeyLogic helped improve strained relationships inside CIS by teaching PMs new ways to improve their processes. The result is an efficient, effective work environment.
  • Improved Performance. By training PMs and vendors on effective EVM and analyzing project performance, KeyLogic helped CIS understand how their projects were performing and how to spot problem areas early. It also trained the agency to forecast projects’ performance over time.

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