NAVAIR Biometrics Identity Operations (BIO)

KeyLogic provides full lifecycle biometrics support using a vendor-neutral approach to ensure the selection, implementation, operation, and analysis of a biometrics solution as part of the KeyCertainty solution.

The Client: A DOD client with critical security requirements.

The Challenge: Surveillance, threat detection and biometrics technologies are critical components of client security. There is an urgent need for expanded biometrics capabilities that operate in near realtime and offer front line forces (expeditionary and law enforcement) improved collection, dissemination, and sharing capabilities.

The need to secure and confirm identities is paramount in today's world and identity challenges are becoming more common; the need to have high confidence in the accuracy of an identity management system is vital. With long acquisition timelines, the ability to choose, implement, and deploy an identity management system customized to a specific use case is essential.

To address these challenges, KeyLogic areas of support include:

  • Research and Development
  • Prototype Architecture Development/li>
  • Integration, Test, and Evaluation
  • Training
  • Procurement
  • Program Management
  • Configuration Management

The Solution: KeyLogic uses industry standards and best practices for the evaluation, selection, and application of biometric hardware and software across the biometrics lifecycle. KeyLogic interprets metrics such as accuracy, speed, human factors impacts, to drive the advancement of the government Concept of Operations. KeyLogic also provides ground support, trains users, and develops SOPs for ease of transition of systems.

One example of an implementation of KeyLogic’s KeyCertainty solution is a multi-modal (fingerprint, iris, face) contactless system designed to provide additional high-level security to existing entry control points (ECPs) by capturing face, fingers, and irises for rapid and non-stop identification of enrolled personnel. This system integrates COTS biometrics products in a configurable environment ranging from a self-contained moveable unit to a permanent installation in a building. Recognized as a leading implementation of multi-modal contactless systems, it provides a rapid, accurate, and reliable system that includes simultaneous enrollment of all modalities in under 60 seconds, and throughput of 15-20 persons per minute for authentication transversal and identification.

The KeyLogic approach allows for identification and assessment of biometric technologies and processes that fit the specific needs of each client. Successful selection and implementation of a biometric identity management solution is dependent on many factors, and is more than simply selecting hardware and software systems. Having well defined requirements, including intended use of the solution, environmental issues, human factors considerations, and policies are a few of the aspects that determine the most appropriate solution. KeyLogic also applies best practices and lessons learned from successfully supporting clients in the selection of a biometric solution.

The Result: : KeyLogic’s identity management and biometrics subject matter experts bring expertise in identity management and biometrics tool and systems, a vendor-neutral approach to solutions, and hands-on experience integrating technical systems, business processes, policy, and change management of biometric solutions.

By applying these skills to the biometrics implementations, our operation and evaluation has provided significant information and lessons learned for ongoing future implementations. Specific human factor analysis provides recommendations for all aspects of the biometrics lifecycle including hardware configuration and setup, adjusting for environmental changes, and improvement of sensor software based on real-world use of the system.

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