KeyLogic’s decision support and software development capabilities to provide the Navy with better situational awareness.

NAVSEA: Decision Support Systems -Ship Readiness

The Client: The mission of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) is to develop, deliver and maintain ships and systems on time, on cost for the United States Navy.

The Challenge: Like many organizations, NAVSEA faces declining budgets, along with constant or increasing demands from its customer community. With a Navy of fewer ships, each ship must be more efficient and effective to meet the demands of 21st century naval warfare. Ships must be more reliable, carry more firepower, be less expensive to operate, and require fewer crew to operate / maintain them. In short, the classic: Cheaper, better, faster…

The Solution: KeyLogic Systems, as a subcontractor to ManTech Advanced Systems International Enterprise Integration Center, provided technical leadership and project team coordination to the Office of Naval Research and NAVSEA Surface Warfare Center's Carderock Division in developing Decision Support Systems for the Naval surface vessel of the 21st century.

Supporting essential research and development of future Naval vessels, the primary objective of the project was to provide a proof of concept for collaborative intelligent software agents operating in the context of a modern surface warship. The artificial intelligence system provided Decision Support System capability to appropriate command personnel, with respect to the integrated logistics of operational readiness. The system provided timely support to the command process of continually assessing vessel readiness to perform a given mission or task.

Sophisticated object oriented analysis and design practice was employed for the software development, including modeling of the problem in the Unified Modeling Language (UML), along with corresponding, appropriate implementation methodologies and CASE tools.

The Result: KeyLogic Systems provided an analysis of a DoD-wide problem and provided a demonstration of a limited Navy solution that may be applicable to the other military services. Utilizing Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools and techniques, KeyLogic staff worked with ManTech and Navy engineers to determine requirements for decision support technology which would reduce staffing requirements while providing better situational awareness of the status of all onboard systems. This analysis concentrated on naval surface ships and the Marine Corps AAAV (Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle).

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