Business Opportunity Tracking System

KeyLogic built a national business opportunity tracking system for a global credit card company that did significant business with the federal government. The company wanted to expand in three sectors: higher education, state government, and local government. As a result of gaining ready access to current government contract information, the credit card company’s market share increased in all three target sectors.

Successfully Boosting Government Business

The Client: A global credit card company.

The Challenge: The credit card company did significant business with the federal government, but saw a rich opportunity in serving local and state governments and higher education clients. To win that business, the company needed to help its member banks with business development. It wanted a system that would alert members to government and higher education contracts in their service areas. The card company needed a game plan and tools to make that kind of system a reality.

The Solution: KeyLogic provided a strategy and developed the required tools to develop the system. KeyLogic built a national business opportunity tracking system to store, review, and track state/local government and higher education credit card procurements. The team created an interface to collect government procurement information from a third party vendor and import that data into the credit card company’s database. The final result offers a repository of government contracts that can be viewed only by banks in the card company’s network.

The Results: The card company grew its market share in three sectors: Higher education, local government, and state government. Its clients happily reported increasing market share, too. Other benefits included:

  • Improved response time. The system helped clients respond to request for proposals more rapidly. 
  • Enhanced outreach: Under the new system, banks have different options for getting the procurement information. They can sign up for email alerts, view new listings on the website in real time, or both.
  • Rock-solid reliability: The system delivers the most current information available on local government credit card contracts. 

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