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For a major national call center supporting information technology customers, KeyLogic tweaked computer code and business processes so that accurate reporting on call center performance could be generated in minutes rather than hours. Being web-based, the new process was more accessible. It was also more reliable, with fewer errors and data quality issues.

Improves IT Performance

The Client: A major national call center supporting information technology customers.

The Challenge: This company needed accurate information, daily, on the performance of its call center. Data was collected from the call switches nightly into a data warehouse and Excel workbooks were automatically created for reporting purposes. However, the process was prone to error, often broke down, and was slow. In fact, importing the switch data into the data warehouse and generating the reports took hours. Although some 100 reports were generated each night, they often went unread by managers because the information was out-of-date or not relevant.

The Solution: KeyLogic reviewed both business processes and computer code for the reporting solution and identified several areas for improvement. A pilot project was initiated under which KeyLogic built an optimized data-loading algorithm and developed a pilot for a web-based reporting capability using Microsoft Reporting Services. The project involved making major improvements to the database and reporting tools, as well as creating functionality that allows users to run reports on demand rather than having to select from the list of reports on the file server.

The Result: KeyLogic’s pilot demonstrated that the reports could be completed in minutes rather than hours. During the pilot, data was processed each night into a data warehouse—in less than 15 minutes. In addition, KeyLogic’s new process was more reliable, with fewer errors and data quality issues. Other accomplishments include:

  • Knowledge transfer: Instructed call center IT staff on prioritizing data and leveraging new technologies.
  • Improved data warehouse: Using sophisticated OLAP technology and multi-dimensional data architecture, KeyLogic updated the call center’s data warehouse.
  • On-Demand Reporting: The call center’s managers no longer have to log into a file server for reports. They custom report queries in retrieve the information in minutes from the data.

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